Trapezoidal Rule Calculator

      Your input: approximate the integral ∫10sin3(x)+1−−−−−−−−−√ dx ∫01sin3⁡(x)+1 dx using n=5 n=5 trapezoids. The trapezoidal rule states that ∫baf(x)dx≈Δx2(f(x0)+2f(x1)+2f(x2)+…+2f(xn−1)+f(xn)) ∫abf(x)dx≈Δx2(f(x0)+2f(x1)+2f(x2)+…+2f(xn−1)+f(xn)) , where Δx=b−an Δx=b−an . We have that a=0 a=0 , b=1 b=1 , n=5 n=5 . Therefore, Δx=1−05=15 Δx=1−05=15 . Divide the interval [0,1] [0,1] into n=5 n=5 subintervals of Read more

Simpson’s Rule Calculator

Simpson’s Rule Calculator is a mathematical method for approximating the aggregate of a function between two limits, a and b. It’s based on understanding the area under a parabola, or a flat curve. In this Rule, N is an even Read more