Percentage Calculator


Percent Meaning in Math – A percentage is a dimension number, and the ratio is defined as a fraction of 100. The percentage symbol is % or pct or pc. Normally it’s used to define the proportionate part of any number. Like 65% can be written like 65/100 or 65:100 or 0.65

What is a Percentage Calculator

Percentage Calculator is a free online tool that calculates the percentage of two numbers like 33 is the percentage of 100. The percentage sign is %.

Percentage Calculator

Percentage (%) is the ratio or particular number that defines a fraction calculation of 100. The Symbol of percentage is % or pct or a percentage like 35%.

How Percentage is Calculated

To calculate the percentage, divide the value by the total value and multiply the result by 100
Percentage formula – (Value/Total value) × 100
Example: 2/5 × 100 = 0.4 × 100 = 40 per cent

Percentage Formula

In percentage, the formula is the algebraic question, that has 3 valuesPercentage Calculator

P × V1 = V2

P – Percentage

V1 – First Value

V2 – Result on V1

Our percentage Calculator Provides automatic results for input values

P = 1.5/30 = 0.05 × 100 = 5%

Percentage Increase Calculate

The Percentage Increase Calculator calculates the increasing differences from one value to another value in terms of % Percentage. You have to enter two values one is the starting value and another is the final value to find an increasing percentage 

How to Calculate Percentage Increase

The percentage Increase Formula is 

Percent increase = [(new value – original value)/original value] * 100

  • Final Value minus starting value
  • Divide that absolute amount value by the starting value
  • Multiply the given value by 100 to get a percent increase
  • It will find a positive or negative value if the result is positive then its percentage Increase otherwise its percentage decrease
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Percentage Decrease Calculate

The Percentage decrease Calculator calculates the negative difference from one value to another in the form of a percentage. You have to enter starting value and final value to get the percentage decrease 

How to Calculate Percentage Decrease

The percentage Decrease Formula is 

Percent decrease = [(original value – new value)/original value] * 100

  • The first value minus the second value 
  • Divide the result by the absolute value of the starting value 
  • Multiply by 100 to get a percentage decrease
  • If the percentage is negative it means that is an increased value 


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