KTU CGPA Calculator


KTU stands for APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University. It has its own CGPA system. Today we will describe how you can calculate the ktu CGPA percentage.

KTU CGPA Calculator
KTU CGPA Calculator


KTU follows a grading system based on a cumulative grade point average. Students are marked with grades depending upon the CGPA they score. So let us know the CGPA-grade pattern that KTU follows before moving on to how to calculate CGPA in KTU.

O 10 90 and above
A+ 9 85-89
A 8.5 80-84
B+ 8 70-79
B 7 60-69
C 6 50-59
P 5 45-49
F 0 Less than 45
FE 0 Failed ( Due to Eligibility Criteria)
I Course Incomplete


CGPA Calculator KTU

KTU utilizes the degree system used in most universities to issue grades and grading marks to students. This is followed by a scale of 10 points. The weighted average grade point multiplied by the credit allotted for courses is determined as SGPA and CGPA.

You can use the following formulas to calculate your SGPA and CGPA at KTU:

SGPA = Σ (Ci×GPi)/ΣCi

Where Ci is the total credit for a course.

GPi is the grade point for that course.

CGPA = Σ (Ci×GPi)/ΣCi

Where Ci is the total credit for a course.

GPi is the grade point for that course.

(The higher semester’s CGPA is the average of the scored SGPA up to that semester.)

Let us understand this with an example.

Let the following be a student’s respective SGPA and subject credit for each semester:

S1 = 7, 23

S2 = 6, 24

S3 = 6.5, 24

S4 = 7.2, 23

Now, the CGPA is calculated as (7*23 + 6*24 + 6.5*24 + 7.2*23)/23+24+24+23 = 6.66.

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