Celsius to Fahrenheit

(5°C × 9/5) + 32 = 41°F Celsius Definition: The Celsius (°C) is an SI (International System of Units) derived temperature unit. Also called centigrade, the scale is based on 0°  for the freezing point and 100° for the boiling point of water at standard atmosphere and sea level pressure. It has a 100-degree interval between the defined point. Fahrenheit Definition: Fahrenheit … Read more

Fahrenheit to Celsius

(1°F − 32) × 5/9 = -17.22°C Fahrenheit Definition: Fahrenheit (°F) is a unit of temperature that was widely used before metrication. Two points describe it: water freezes at 32°F, and water boiling point is 212°F at sea level and normal atmospheric pressure. The freezing and boiling point interval is divided into 180 parts. Celsius Definition: The Celsius … Read more