Picofarad to Farad

Convert Picofarad to Farad

To convert picofarads (pF) to farads (F), you can use the following formula:

pF / 10^12 = F

For example, to convert 100 pF to farads, you would do the following:

100 pF / 10^12 = 100 / 10^12 = 10^-11 F

This means that 100 pF is equal to 10^-11 farads.

Picofarads to Farads Formula

farads = picofarads ÷ 1,000,000,000,000

What is a Picofarad?

A picofarad (pF) is a unit of capacitance equal to one trillionth (10^-12) of a farad. It is a tiny unit of capacitance and is typically used in electronic circuits where tiny amounts of charge require to be stored. For example, picofarads are used in the tuning circuits of radios and televisions, as well as in the memory cells of computers.
The symbol for picofarad is pF. So, 1 picofarad is written as 1 pF.

What is a Farad?

A farad (F) is the unit of electrical capacitance in the (SI – International System of Units ). It is euqal to 1 coulomb per volt (C/V). It means that1 a capacitance capacitor stores 1 coulomb of charge when charged to a possible difference of 1 volt.

Farads are massive capacitance units, and most capacitors have a much smaller capacitance. For example, capacitors used in electronic circuits typically have a capacitance in the picofarad (pF) or microfarad (µF) range.

Picofarads to Farads Formula
Picofarads to Farads

Picofarad to Farad Chart

1 Picofarad to Farad1.E-12
200 Picofarad to Farad 2.E-10
220 Picofarad to Farad 2.2E-10
859.5 picofarad to farad5.895E-10
50.7 picofarad to farad5.07E-11
19 picofarad to farad1.9E-11
3000 picofarad to farad3.E-9
367.42 picofarad to farad3.6742E-10
7700 Picofarad to Farad 7.7E-9

UnitSymbolEquivalent in farads
PicofaradpF10^-12 F
NanofaradnF10^-9 F
MicrofaradµF10^-6 F
MillifaradmF10^-3 F
KilofaradF10^3 F
MegafaradMF10^6 F
GigafaradGF10^9 F

How to Convert Picofarad to Farad?

1 F = 1000000000000 pF
1 pF = 1.0E-12 F

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Example: convert 15 F to pF:
15 F = 15 × 1000000000000 pF = 15000000000000 pF

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Picofarad to Farad Chart

1 pF0.000000000001 F
2 pF0.000000000002 F
3 pF0.000000000003 F
4 pF0.000000000004 F
5 pF0.000000000005 F
6 pF0.000000000006 F
7 pF0.000000000007 F
8 pF0.000000000008 F
9 pF0.000000000009 F
10 pF0.00000000001 F
100 pF0.0000000001 F
1,000 pF0.000000001 F
10,000 pF0.00000001 F
100,000 pF0.0000001 F
1,000,000 pF0.000001 F
10,000,000 pF0.00001 F
100,000,000 pF0.0001 F
1,000,000,000 pF0.001 F
10,000,000,000 pF0.01 F
100,000,000,000 pF0.1 F
1,000,000,000,000 pF1 F