Parametric Equation Calculator


Parametric Equation Calculator – A parametric equation is an equation that describes a group of quantities as functions of one or more separate variables called parameters. Parametric equations typically express the coordinates of the points that make up a geometric object, such as a curve or surface, called parametric curve and parametric surface, respectively.

What is a Parametric Equation?

Parametric equations are a way of telling a curve or surface by using a third variable, called a parameter, to control the shape of the curve or surface. For example, the equation x = t, y = t^2 describes a parabola. The parameter t can be any actual number, and for each value of t, the equations give us a point on the parabola.

What is a Parametric Equation Calculator?

A Parametric Equation Calculator is an Online tool used to solve parametric equations, which are a set of equations that express a collection of amounts as functions of one or more separate variables called parameters. The calculator allows users to input the values of the parameters and obtain the corresponding values of the quantities. This tool is essential for solving complex parametric equations, particularly in mathematics, physics, and engineering. With a parametric equation calculator, users can save time and boost their productivity by quickly obtaining accurate results.

How can you solve a quadratic equation?

How to Use Parametric Equation Calculator?

A Parametric Equation Calculator permits the user to input the equations and values of the parameters and then use mathematical algorithms to compute and display the corresponding values of the quantities. Our calculator has a user-friendly interface where users can input the equations by typing them in or using the calculator’s built-in functions. Once the equations are inputted, the calculator solves them by plugging in the parameter values and calculating the corresponding quantities. The results can be displayed graphically, numerically, or both. Our Parametric Equation Calculator simplifies the process of solving parametric equations by providing a fast and accurate way to obtain the results.

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To use our Parametric Equation Calculator, the user must have two parametric equations set up, X & Y, with the same parameter. Normally, use T for time.

Please follow the step-by-step guide here to get a final and accurate result.

Step 1

Ready the input parametric equation accurately with the same parameter.

Step 2

Enter the equation value in input boxes X and Y.

Step 3

Press the submit button and the final result will be displayed below.

Step 4

If you want to use a calculator for another equation, enter a new value and follow the above step again. It’s completely free.

How does a Parametric Equation Calculator work?

The parametric Equation Calculator works to solve thparametric equation using algebra arbitrary value for the parametric input value serving in an individual variable. With its help of it, we can create a table of data that will be used to draw grap and curves for representation

x = f1(t)

y = f2(t)

Example of Parametric Equations

Parametric Equations are used to draw and describe geometric shapes, Which may include curves and surfaces. Like Circle 

x = cos t

y = sin t

(x, y) = (cos t, sin t)

Parametric Equation Formula


Explicit equations



Lissajous curve



Hypotrochoid Parametric Equation

Use of Parametric Equation Calculator

Use a Parametric Equation Calculator to simplify the process of solving any Parametric Equation in an easy step. Parametric Equations are used in many fields like maths, physics, and engineering; with the help of this Parametric Equation Calculator, users can get accurate and fast results without wasting so much time. It also helps to solve any Parametric problem with the help of visual representation.

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Graph Parametric Equations

graph parametric equations
Graph Parametric Equations

Graphing parametric equations is a method of plotting the values of the variables in the equations on a coordinate plane to create a graph. To graph parametric equations, the user typically requires to input the equations and the range of values for the parameter(s) into a graphing calculator or software. Once this is done, the graph can be developed and displayed. The resulting graph will typically show the path traced by the parametric equations as the parameter(s) change over the given range. Graphing parametric equations can be useful for visualizing the solutions to complicated systems or spectacles modeled by the equations. They can provide insights that may be obscure from the equations alone. It is an important tool for researchers, engineers, and scientists working in fields that involve parametric equations.


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