How To Recover Deleted House Photos From The Android Gallery?

Your Android phone can suffer from an unpleasant experience if you accidentally delete photos or lose access to precious memories. Most gallery apps, including Google Photos, include a Recycle Bin or Trash to recover deleted photos. You’re not entirely out of luck if you can’t find your favorite videos or images in the trash. The iMobie DroidKit app makes retrieving deleted photos from your Android gallery easy.

It is necessary to use a third-party solution to recover deleted photos of apartments for rent in Elgin, IL if you do not have an online backup or understand your mistake after 30 days. DroidKit by iMobie works well for recovering deleted media files among all such desktop solutions. For non-technical users, the entire process is relatively straightforward, with an easy-to-use UI and simple operation.

With DroidKit, you can recover deleted data in three ways: Quick Recovery, Deep Recovery, and SD Card Recovery. Depending on the situation, you can choose any option you want. The Quick Recovery app does not require you to root your Android phone to use it. With DroidKit, you can quickly scan and recover the device for deleted photos. Now that we have seen DroidKit in action let’s look at what it can do for you.

Google Photos: Recover Deleted Photos

You will likely locate and recover deleted photos from Google Photos if you have installed the Google Photos app on Android and enabled the “backup and sync” feature. If you can still recover deleted photos from Google Photos’ trash, look at the “trash” in the program.

Your Android device or phone should now be able to access Google Photos.
Go to the left panel and select trash from the Menu. No garbage can’t be recovered. Sixty days are allowed for them to remain.
You can restore a deleted photo by touching and holding it.
Hit the Restore icon to recover deleted or removed photos from the gallery on Android.

Recovering permanently deleted photos without a backup

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You can permanently delete photos from the Android gallery, and they will be saved in your Android phone’s internal memory before they are overwritten by newly generated data when that happens. To locate and recover these deleted and hidden photos from your phone’s memory, you may need a powerful photo recovery tool to assist you with finding and recovering these deleted and hidden pictures.

It’s precisely what you’re looking for in 2023 regarding DroidKit. With DroidKit, you can find, preview, and recover deleted photos from your Android Gallery without needing to create any backup. With this tool, you might recover deleted photos from the Android gallery without rooting your Android device, which is better than other Android data recovery tools in the market. A full-featured Android solution tool, it can fix Android system issues, unlock your Android phone, and fix many other Android-related problems.

Data recovery for Android phones includes up to 13 types of data, such as photos, messages, contacts, phone numbers, apps, and WhatsApp messages.

Deleted photos can be found quickly without rooting the Android phone using Quick Recovery mode.

With Deep Recovery mode, your Android gallery can be recovered with the highest success rate.

Depending on your needs, preview and select the lost data you want to recover.

Google Drive Gallery Recover Deleted Photos

If you have Google Drive to back up your pictures regularly, you should be able to easily retrieve photos deleted from your Android gallery using your Google Drive account to back up your photos. You must also install Google Drive on your Android device to use this method.

Your Android device should now be open to Google Drive.
Use the account you use to back up your photos to log in.
Once you’ve backed up or uploaded your photos, you can see them all. Download the photos you need to your device after selecting them.

OneDrive can help you recover deleted photos on Android

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You can recover deleted photos from your OneDrive account if you use OneDrive to back up your photos regularly. The following steps will guide you through recovering deleted photos from your Android device using OneDrive.

You will need to open the OneDrive app on your Android device.
On the bottom control panel, you will find an option called Photo. Click on that.
You must select the photos you wish to recover and then click on the three dots option in the screen’s upper right corner.
Then you can click the save button to start recovering the photo files, which can be restored to your Android gallery after they have been recovered.

Android Backup Services for Recovering Deleted Photos

Different cell phone manufacturers offer cloud backup services due to the development of Cloud drives. Several companies, including Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and LG, provide backup services. Your data would have been automatically synced to the phone’s cloud if you had given your consent for the phone to do this. If, however, you have been unable to retrieve your deleted photos through the methods outlined above, then you can try to retrieve them from this backup if you were unable to do so otherwise.


As you can see, using the Android Toolkit DroidKit, you can easily recover deleted photos from a gallery on an Android device using the Android Toolkit DroidKit. As a matter of fact, besides photos, it is also capable of recovering removed deleted or lost messages, videos, contacts, WhatsApp messages, as well as a variety of other Android files. The great thing about DroidKit is that it allows you to recover your data both without rooting and with rooting. Now is the time to try out the Free Trial Version of DroidKit.

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