Chinese sword and Japanese sword, who is the real weapon?

Swords and swords develop with the development of attack and defense technology of human weapons. No matter how good a weapon is, it can only become a magic weapon in a specific situation.

Qin dynasty

The technology of iron governance in the pre-Qin period is not perfect, mainly in the world of bronze weapons, which was called “evil gold”. At that time, the level of armor protection was not high. The best armor in Europe was the breastplate of ancient Rome, while the Chinese sewed small pieces of bronze on leather, making sharp and sharp weapons popular. At that time, the short weapons of the East and the West were mainly swords. The bronze was hard and brittle. The casting weapons were easy to break if they were a little longer. The ancient Romans had to cast the swords short and thick. It is a single blade. The main use of bronze sword is not to cut but to stab. Bronze sword can’t be too bright, but it’s really sharp. Goujian sword, the king of Yue unearthed in China, can cut dozens of layers of kraft paper with a single pull.

Han and Jin Dynasties

The iron and steel refining technology of the Han and Jin Dynasties progressed rapidly, and the weapons can be safely used to kill the enemy. At that time, the cultivation techniques were uneven, and sharp weapons could naturally shine brilliantly.

Xiongnu, the main enemy of the Han Dynasty, was backward in productivity and low in armor equipment. The ring head broadsword used by the Han army was made of refined steel and showed great power in the war. The ring head broadsword is a narrow and long single blade straight sword. The development of iron control technology also made the Western sword longer and thinner than the bronze sword of ancient Rome.

Northern and Southern Dynasties

In the northern and Southern Dynasties, the technology of making offensive weapons reached the limit at that time, and the technology of making armor began to work. A large number of heavy cavalry appeared in the East and the West. Heavy cavalry men and horses are all covered with thick armor. Even if the holder gives up, no good sword can cut through more than ten pairs of iron armor. Now some sword makers use their carefully made swords to cut off nails, and make videos and put them on the Internet to prove the quality of their swords. In fact, it’s just a gimmick. In ancient times, those cold forged steel armor pieces, how many can they cut with the sword made of modern technology? The laws of physics can’t be changed by anyone who wants to. 

Blunt weapons gradually replaced swords from riding to walking. In historical books, storytelling and legendary poems, knights began to use hammers, axes, maces, iron whips and Maces. Soldiers from the East and the West used blunt weapons in the face of opponents with thick armour and swords for those with weak protection.

the tang dynasty

The main enemy the Tang government faced was still the nomadic people in the north, so it attached great importance to the straight Dao. The straight Dao was actually the upgraded version of the ring head broadsword. According to the research, it also accepted some factors of the sharp Dao. After it was introduced into Japan, it was sought after and developed into the current samurai sword. In ancient times, most of the wars in Japan were civil wars, with small scale and intensity. The warriors with poor armor and high combat skills could show their power by holding a good sword. Getting a good sword became one of the most important things for the warriors. The Japanese made this pursuit to the extreme.

The ancient Japanese were short in stature, and could not use a long  swords. They were usually one meter long, so the difference between a sword and a flank was even shorter. Even so, they had to hold the sword in both hands because of their lack of physical strength. The use of swords mainly depends on the wrist. Holding the swords with both hands reduces the flexibility, while holding the Japanese Swords in cannot be made up with the length, so the Japanese swords are not as good as the Chinese swords. Since modern times, Japanese samurai and Chinese people in the Wulin have tried swords many times, often ending in failure. Li Jinglin has hit Japanese samurai’s wrist with his sword many times. The reason why Miyamoto Musashi is powerful is that he is tall, strong, single handed, and has one long and one short double blades. The school he founded is called two days first-class. Some contemporary people think that Japan’s industrial products are all good. More and more protagonists use knives similar to Japanese knives, and start to use both hands to hold knives.

With the increase of the penetrating power of the crossbow, the armor gradually becomes less important. Since the thickest armor can’t resist the attack of the crossbow, why wear such heavy things! Ancient China’s crossbow is the best in the world. Chinese people haven’t paid special attention to armor since the Tang Dynasty, although China’s armor production technology is very advanced. The Chinese army began to attach importance to sharp swords again, but it never reached the level of Japanese mania.

Author: Samurai Swords Expert